"Never compare your chapter 1 to somebody else's chapter 20." - Justin Bonitz

6 Minutes To A Wheelchair was the first band that Justin Bonitz was a lead vocalist/guitarist/songwriter for, joining together in 2008 at the age of 17.

All The Way To The BankEdit

My First Time Screaming (2008 demo)

My First Time Screaming (2008 demo)

"The origin of this song is that I was teaching my band how a loop-pedal worked. I dropped my guitar while it was recording, and then I just started playing the same three notes over and over again and it was really annoying. Every time my mom came into the basement to tell me to do something, I would play the loop extremely loud until she left. We all thought it was hilarious, so eventually we decided to make it an actual song, just to irritate her." -Justin Bonitz 

Members: Edit

  • Vocals - Justin Bonitz
  • Lead guitar - Justin Bonitz
  • Rhythm guitar - Justine Pumyea
  • Bass - Bobby Cote
  • Drums - Mike King

 Trivia Edit

  • "This was the first time that I ever tried screaming. I was 17 years old. It was recorded with a low-quality digital camera and a full band. Our band was called, '6 Minutes To A Wheelchair' and the song was called, 'All The Way To The Bank' This was the only song we created under that band name."  -Justin Bonitz
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