Deaf ParrotEdit

The first track in Justin's Rap album "Dear Rudiff"

Theories Edit

My theory for Deaf Parrot is that it's just Prilly explaining his troubles to Rudiff in the first letter that he is sending. He explains how he wants to commit suicide, but wants approval from Rudiff.

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Lyrics Edit

"Dear Rudiff, 

I’m writing ‘cause I think I got a whole lot of nothing in my mind 

And it’s starting to consume me  

The blank page taking over the sketch  

I regret to inform you that there ain’t much left of me  

But still, I hope that you can vouch for me  

When I’m gone, I wanna’ be remembered for all that I am 

Not the good, not the bad—just the middle 

-In between the fence of right and wrong  

A fine rope strapped to one edge of the cliff  

And the other is a riddle taking form of a noose  

around my broke neck  

A sick head kicked bad from the mirror man  

Still hanging in my office where you left it—never clearer, man  

But that person staring back is rude  

-Telling me lies all the time, and I’m closer to believing him  

So I hope you’re closer to retrieving him  

See, I was under the impression you was’ just taking a break  

Made mistakes that you wanted to repent for  

And I was all for that repentance,  

But now it’s been so long that I think you might be running towards an exit  

And if that’s true, it’s not on accident... 

It’s been a while, you’ve been giving me the shoulder  

I’m waiting for this whole dang thing to blow over  

I wrote you three or four times  And I checked, but you never hit me back  

-Just assumed you too had been consumed by the pollen of the bloom  

But I know you better than that  

I check twice a day, ‘cause I know you better than that  

Don’t mean to scuff up your shoes or scratch upon your new ride  

Where black and white once were just gray lines,  

Is now a mess of paint and strange ink blots  

Shaped like plastic soldiers  

And we’re older, so the whole world’s looking mighty colder  

-A bold move  Yes sir, I remember the old rule  

“Never meddle with affairs outside your own room”  

But I just can’t help myself, man  It’s not Tru!  

All the stuff that they been saying about you  

It’s got me seeing red, I’m the bull—I’m the monsoon  

I want you to understand that I never once thought a single word had any merit  

I kept myself perched up high—deaf parrot  

Staring at that billygoat reflection  

The mirror that you gave me’s like a spreading infection  

Refracting what I want to see, but that ain’t me  

What’s the guarantee if I return it to you that I will be free of this curse?  

Getting harder not to hurt myself with each and every verse  

-No virtue 

Don’t mean to alert you,  

But if I’ve gotta’ keep on looking, might desert you  

I’m like a cartoon living in the same reruns that been showing for the last ten years  

Where you at?  Could you take a fucking second just to hit me back? 

Dear Rudiff, 

You know I get covert sometimes 

And that’s work tryna’ flirt with the murk of life 

But we was equals… I never meant to diss you 

I never meant to turn it all around—that’s not the issue 

I miss you 

You left this thing with me because you thought that I could handle it 

I guess you thought wrong 

I’m a walking bomb, ticking wicked clicks 

Just a thought and it’s all gone 

Quick tip: never put your faith in my agenda 

We both know that I do not care where I could end up 

I don’t know when this negative flow started 

Pent up aggression leaking from my naked fists 

I am the center, I’m the beast 

The puzzle piece missing  -Lodged under the cushion of the couch 

Sucked up by the vacuum cleaner hose and thrown out three towns away 

So there’s a hole now 

How you hang that up to show and still be proud about it? 

I’m writing ‘cause I think a whole lot of nothing 

And my blood’s running black 

There ain’t no coming back  It’d be nice to hear your voice once more before it’s over 

But I’ma do what I’ma do, I’m sure you know that 

I guess I just want your approval  -Tru"