Flinter is a fictional character who appears throughout Justin Bonitz's story From Windfall To Hell


Flinter is a mysterious seer who lives at the top of Umber Tower. He came to R'oa from Osrimaul, which sunk hundreds of years before "The Awry Ascent," which suggests that Flinter is incredibly old. When he first made Umber Tower, it was to be a place for young scholars to learn the ancient Osrimaulian Magicks, however an incident took place which caused Flinter to close off the tower completely. He now recluses himself from the rest of the world where he just observes the happenings of life.

Physical appearanceEdit

Age: ??? Flinter is incredibly old, and parts of his body have been replaced with machine. He has wild, white hair, and wears a beaked mask with goggles which hides his face. He is typically seen in a dark, leather, dress-like attire.


Flinter is incredibly wise and intellectual, so he comes off as condescending and arrogant, but he simply just knows. He has the enthusiasm of a child and is fascinated by even the trivial of things. Because he spends so much time watching and observing the world around him, he knows everything, so it is not difficult for him to make a person feel small and insignificant. He has a powerful, almost portentous presence, and he is eager to teach.


Flinter is a seer, which gives him prophetic insight, but he is also the keeper of the Osrimaulian Magicks which draw off life energy. He is beyond intelligent, is an inventor, engineer, and an alchemist. He can literally do just about anything.




  • The Awry Ascent
  • Heavy Is The Crown?

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