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Fothcrah is a fabled, female sea-creature likened to a plesiosaur, but much more. During "The Awry Ascent," Prill decides to go on a self-imposed quest to catch her.


Fothcrah is the queen of the sea. For centuries, sea hunters have tried to find and catch her, and have failed. There are horrible tales of her being able to pull down entire fishing trawls, but nobody has ever lived to confirm them. She is a myth and a legend.

Physical appearanceEdit

Fothcrah is said to have the four flippers and bulk of a plesiosaur, but a fleshless vulture head with beady, glowing eyes, a beak, and a lion's mane of fire and reeds. She is said to be eighty feet long and weighs over forty thousand pounds. Because nobody has ever actually seen her, nobody truly knows if this is confirmed.


As the apex predator of the Math, she is calm, looming, ominous, and respected.



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