From Windfall To Hell is a story that is told through the musical project Hungry Lights in five parts as concept albums, and as novels which have not been released yet. The musical tells a rough story-line (only 1-10%) involving the main character, Prill, and his quest for glory and redemption.

"It is about a man who does not believe he is good enough, so he begins to pursue his ideal of happiness and ultimately loses touch with the person he is inside." - Justin Bonitz


Prill, the main character of "From Windfall To Hell"

The StoryEdit

Part 1: The Awry AscentEdit

An Outset In The SeaEdit

Prite & PromiseEdit

The FenceEdit

A Drunken StalemateEdit

Umber TowerEdit

The NimloksEdit

The Awry AscentEdit

In The Eyes Of A SwordEdit



Part 2: Heavy Is The Crown Edit

Contempt Edit

Wickerman Edit

The Thorn That Split My Wheel Edit

My Finest Hour Edit

Piñata Edit

Demetrius Edit

Heavy Is The Crown Edit

Constancy Edit

The Worst Of Evils Edit

A Father's End Edit

Part 3: Three Gods & Me Edit

For Miles Down Edit

Reflaugh Edit

Thief Edit

The First God Edit

Speared Edit

Second Best Edit

Finally Fearless Edit

Three Gods & Me Edit

Blueprint Edit

Cowardice Edit

Part 4: Mudoo Ra Edit

Pit Rat Edit

Fate Won't Pull Me Under Edit

A Map To The Heavens Edit

Dusk Bug Edit

Hydra Edit

The Waypoint

Red Thumb

Mudoo Ra Edit

Reclipse Edit

My Reward Edit

Part 5: TBA Edit

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