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General Reem was an experimental rap music project by Justin Bonitz in 2011, and only ever released one demo called "As The Crow Flies."

History Edit

"I created this angst, pessimistic demo in 2011, when I was 21 years old and just got dumped. I never 'finished' this demo because for one, I realized I was a pretty terrible rapper, and for two, I got back into metal around 2012 ended up fusing it with amnaeon." -Justin Bonitz

"There really was not much of a story for this album. It was mostly me venting my emotions, because I was very depressed and angry and lost after a bad breakup. But as the album progressed, I ended up turning it into a dark fantasy that I had about breaking into my ex-girlfriend's house, killing her, and burying her in a public place. After I got the taste of blood, I was torn on whether or not I wanted to keep doing it, and eventually get myself caught by the police so that I do not hurt anybody else. The whole album is just very negative." - Justin Bonitz

The Album Edit

General Reem - As The Crow Flies (2011 demo)

General Reem - As The Crow Flies (2011 demo)

As The Crow Flies tracklist: Edit

  1. Manifestival
  2. Four Miles Down
  3. Impact
  4. The Bee Keeper
  5. Halo
  6. Electaghost
  7. Confetti-ohs
  8. Reclipse
  9. Blue Pulse
  10. Death Wish
  11. The Swagwerkz
  12. She's Buried At The Racetrack
  13. My Dream

Trivia Edit

  • "I chose the name, 'General Reem' as a rapper name from the song, 'The Underpinning Of General Reem.' At the time it was not a character in the story. It was just the name I chose for the song." - Justin Bonitz 
  • "When I started working on this album was also when I started being good friends with Rob Dyke." - Justin Bonitz 
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