The Three Gods Edit

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  • I'aria created Terrium. She is the creative dreamer. She made the ground, the air, the water, the plants, the animals, etc. Shu'rah loved her design so much he wanted to live in it, so he created man as the representations of his sister and himself so that they could experience her world. Bakarum was left out, and he felt exiled, so he created sin in order to corrupt their perfect world.
  • When evil dies, the Crows of Murdum come to snatch their souls away to where they will be doomed to tread a sea of fire for all of eternity. When a person is not wicked, but has not quite earned their place in Shu'rah's Embrace, they are taken to I'vria's Ledge where she recycles and transforms their souls into new life to live anew. If a person lives their life to the fullest and does all they were meant to do and experience, Shu'rah himself reaches down from the heavens and scoops their soul up into his loving embrace where he turns them into stardust.
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