"In The Eyes Of A Sword"
Song by Hungry Lights
from the album The Awry Ascent
October 11, 2015
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"In The Eyes Of A Sword" is track nine on the Hungry Lights studio album "The Awry Ascent." Remember that this is a summary, not the entire story! It is 1-10% of what is actually going on—just the skeleton.


In this chapter, Prill has begun sailing towards Fothcrah's coordinates, but accidentally sails right into the doldrums. With no wind, he cannot progress, so he spends many moments self-reflecting until the wind finally picks up and pushes him forward. He expresses that whether you are a rich king or a dirty peasant, when you die... you die. It displays a great hypocrisy in his character.


My fantasy was soon to uncurl 

The fern I plucked had drank the nectar 

From the pernicious soil 

All trepidation had been contained 

And if the wind would catch in my sail,

I'd find the beast that fouled up the water 

Impel the lure that would change the course of fate! 

With no wind in the doldrums, 

You had pigeonholed my dream 

And pressing quandaries on the layline 

Kept me anchored in that spot 

Was this an omen or fluke? 

I should have thought things through 

There'd be no misconceptions to step on my shoes 

Again I'm pulled in the wrong direction 

-Burdened by the knowledge in my crown 

And in the standstill, I felt my mane grow 

I was a lion in the swell! 

And at that moment of true allegiance,

At sudden, a squall had bit my tail 

That precious virtue had been forgotten 

No lies would sit upon my throne 

There was a fire in my eyes! 

And I soon made my way to luff 

Would I feel guilty for doubting the ways of your will? 

Have no pride in the ocean 

The waves of constancy hiding my unkempt tears 

Where the life of a no one—the same as a nobleman 

Heroes and scoundrels alike in the eyes of a sword 

I need no compass! 

For a tiger's eye spearheads my journey 

Through the open water's maw 

Into the mistral of a wrathful, nettled god 

No ship would sail here, 

For the whirl had etched a drowning 

And the rain pouring down made it difficult to see 

I was carrying on my back, all the weight of the world 

How I suffered in the maze of the giants 

O' the mess! 

I had created such impressive walls 

And in my mind,

No, I could never ever fault! 

I dreamed!

I visioned that I caught a treasure with my spiral 

And sheer ferocity had pulled its carcass to my palm 

And in such moment, I would make that wish a solid maxim! 

O' I'd accomplish such a feat that no one ever had! 

Still, there is fear in my eyes... 

I never think things through 

And on this voyage of arrogance, 

I have forgotten just who I am 

Have no pride in the ocean 

The waves of constancy hiding my unkempt tears 

Where the life of a no one—the same as a nobleman

Heroes and scoundrels alike in the eyes of a sword

 Trivia Edit

  • This song had two earlier conceptualized titles: "Dead Downwind" and "A Lion In The Swell."
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