Mt. Krell was an experimental electronic music project by Justin Bonitz in 2012, and only ever released one demo album called Umfrant.

 History Edit

"I created this demo in 2012. March - October, I had given up on music. I thought my mixes sounded like shit, and did not really know how to improve. After the hiatus, I started watching YouTube videos on how to record/mix/master music, and these demos were more or less experiments with what I had learned. The album never got finished, because a few months later, I had merged all my existing projects into amnaeon, and had started working on 'Aorta Borealis IV.'" -Justin Bonitz

The Album Edit


Mt. Krell - Umfrant (2012 demo)

Umfrant tracklist: Edit

  1. From Cloud To Ground
  2. Flinter & Window
  3. The Fall Of Eair'tra
  4. Great Stairs

Trivia Edit

  • This project originally had nothing to do with The Mourn. It took in the same universe, but on a totally different planet. It was about a guy who was bullied his entire life, so he committed genocide. He used the life essence of his people to create this enormous, energy death-ball and obliterated everybody with it. Obviously, they protested, so he sent down his champion, "Umfrant" who was a giant, stone statue with a lightning hammer. Umfrant descended and decimated everything. 
  • "I do not do drugs. But in 2012, I tried one for the first time, and this album cover was a result as well as the names, 'Umfrant,' 'Flinter,' and 'Great Stairs.'" - Justin Bonitz
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