Song by Hungry Lights
from the album Heavy Is The Crown
November 15, 2016
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My Finest Hour Demetrius

"Piñata" is track six on the Hungry Lights studio album "Heavy Is The Crown." Remember that this is a summary, not the entire story! It is like 10% of what is actually going on—just the skeleton. It is a rough translation of what is literally going on in the lyrics. There is also a figurative story that is taking place at the same time which goes much deeper and does not involve the fictional character Prill, but that is up to you to find :) It is much easier to discover the hidden meaning when you grasp a decent understanding of the literal meaning first. These are your puzzle pieces, and I highly suggest you study them before pursuing the next albums in the sequence, otherwise emotion and information will be lost, therefore connections will be missed!


"Piñata" is a very long song, and a lot happens. It is also the halfway mark of the album. The track starts off with an explosion of what is presumably the bomb of anger inside Prill that has been ticking since he killed Reflaugh's brother. Justin uses a wasp to symbolize the anger, and that is important in order to understand the metaphors used in this song.

It starts with Prill being asleep, and in his sleep, the anger is present and direction the flow of his dream. Prill then wakes up and is not really sure how to interpret the massive wave of emotion he just experienced, so he tries to analyze his dream. Like in "The Awry Ascent," is unclear who the "your" is talking about. In "The Awry Ascent," it could be narrowed down to Prite, the personified ocean, or something inside Prill, but in "Heavy Is The Crown" both Reflaugh and Abalone are possibilities too. To make things more confusing, as he approaches Reflaugh's hideout (which is hidden inside a giant sea cliff), Prill runs into a female, akulite (for more information about the akulite, see the lore section) character named, "Atah'xia" who claims she has just escaped Reflaugh and his bandits. Prill asks about Abalone, words are exchanged, and then all hell breaks loose. Atah'xia offers to show him to a secret entrance where he can get into the holding chamber undetected.

Prill immediately victimizes himself and believes that this happening needs to be repented for, but the rage quickly flips to motivation and drive to get his daughter back. The chorus indicates an impossible climb laced with denial and failure—reversing back to the victimizing. Prill then blames this happening on the other. As noted above, Prill's anger is symbolized by the presence of wasps. He is expressing that the nest (the suppressed frustration) inside him has popped, and now all the swarm is leaking and out of control, and he does not believe he can stop it.

Prill then admits that he has to let this happen because if he does not, these wasps—this rage will consume him. This is one of the few intuitive things Prill has done so far in "From Windfall To Hell." He admits he let it happen, he admits that he repressed the ire, but he continues to blame the other for its undoing. Still, he refuses to take responsibility for the initial "stone" that caused the damage. Prill relinquishes that he does not think he is perfect, that he has made many mistakes and has many flaws, but that he is trying his best to live and move past them.

In the final sections of the song, Prill claims that his anger has ruined him. With this new information about himself that he as acquired, he does not think there is any chance of saving the man he used to be because he is in too deep now. That man is gone, and the momentum of this new man who is arising has already begun its descent, and this is where Prill obtains his metaphorical crown because he is now identifying with his problems. He is proud of the mess he has created. It is his mess. To make things worse, Atah'xia has shown Prill to this "secret entrance" she escaped from, and as Prill approaches, she pushes him into a precipice. The song ends with the sound of Prill's body thudding into the ground with a bloody splat.

NOTE: Like in the song, "The Awry Ascent," "Piñata" is the song that strongly inspired the album cover. It is an interpretation of another dream Prill was having. In this one, we have a hanging Prill wearing his prideful crown. While a lot of people probably assume Prill has hung himself, if you look carefully at the bottom, there is a stick on the ground... which gives merit that he might be a piñata. Dissecting the lyrics to this track, it would make sense that instead of festive candy busting out of the hanging Prill, wasps did (as they are too indicated on the cover). The final symbol is the return of the Bakarum's mask, which is located on the face of the tiki torch. Like the cover for "The Awry Ascent," it is possible that it some type of vision of what is to come later in the tale.


A wasp buzzed with the beat of a drum that no one could hear

I was in dream when it pattered across my window of trance

The waves heaved out a lumbered breath

The eager sun stung my eyes

The dream appeared as a riddle,

For the soul cannot speak in words

Your temptation found the stone

When my perception was in the gray

So I poked onerous at that dial

That was lodged so deep inside my pith

I did not ask to have this dream

And with all the bloodshed, I'd one way to repent

And when all the hellions opposing me

Have kicked the flames,

You’ll be back here with me

To the heights, another foul nest—no branches

I denied all I felt inside as they brought me down

I was good ‘til your devilish stone kept prying

To not invite the poison bite as they danced behind my eyes

You threw your stone right into my chest

And truth be told, I had not bled for this

The vespiary inside was breached

And here come the wasps to pique those in their way!

To the heights, another foul nest—no branches

I denied all I felt inside as they brought me down

I was good ‘til your devilish stone kept prying

To not invite the poison bite as they danced behind my eyes

And who am I not to set them free?

When if I don’t, they’ll eat away my insides

I might have kept the nest, but you threw your stone

So it’s not my fault

No, it’s not my fault!

And who am I not to set them free?

When if I don’t, they’ll eat away my insides

And who are you to act so pristine?

Like you don’t have some soot of your own

Well, Mrs. Humble,

I’m sorry I don’t shine

I’m a little scratched up from the mistakes of my life

O’ Mrs. Humble,

I’m sorry I don’t shine!

I’m a little scuffed up from the mistakes I’ve made

-But at least I lived my life

Bet you’ll come around

O’ I feel like I’m ruined!

Their sting has seen to it

And who’s watching?

Who’s watching?

In mirrors—reflections

The swarm inside’s rewrote my way

And I don't think I can be saved

Too caught within their wicked horde,

And we’ll never change

So we sin and are sent down where I found my crown

We sin and we sin and we sin and we sin

Ever careful, you lead me to the edge

-A drop so endless, there’s no room to misstep

And you told me,

“I hope you brought your wings”

A push so gentle, I barely seemed to notice the fall

Did I trust you...

-Touched by Heaven’s dirty fingers

 Trivia Edit

  • An earlier conceptualized name for this song was "One Nest, One Stone."
  • The Aphotic Currents theme that has been prominent throughout both amnaeon and Hungry Lights albums came from the original version of this song, titled "One Priest, One Stone," released in 2011 on "Evolution At Its Finest Hour."