Prill Tel'vallo is a fictional character who appears prominently throughout Justin Bonitz's story "From Windfall To Hell." Prill is the central character and narrator of Justin's concept album "The Awry Ascent," which tells the first book of "From Windfall To Hell," which is a soon to be released novel Justin is writing.


Prill was the younger son of Baxtor and Otia Tel'vallo. His mother died when he was a young child, leaving him and his older brother, Dart, to be raised alone by their father. Their father passed away when Prill was a teenager, which is around the same time he met Prite Fernotta, who later became his wife, and whom he conceived a daughter with named, "Abalone."

Physical appearanceEdit

Age: 25 (at the beginning of Book 1 - The Awry Ascent).

He is very slender, and despite his age, his hair is completely gray/white because of his Q'dori genetics. Because of those same genetics, he has literal whiskers sprouting from his cheeks, and he also has a dark "mask" across his eyes and the bridge of a his nose (like a raccoon). He is typically seen wearing an earth-toned tunic.


Prill is very introverted and unhappy. He has an awkward sense of humor and a rather dull personality compared to most protagonists. He is an anti-hero who spends a lot of time in his own head. Prill is stubborn, brave, ignorant, overly emotional, and headstrong. He is always looking to better himself, but seems to end up doing the opposite, which leads to a lot of self-deprecation and pain.


Prill is a sea hunter who takes up after his father, who was the best in all of R'oa. Because of Prill's Q'dori genetics, he is incredibly fast, flexible, and rather nimble. He is not much of a fighter at first, but over the course of the "From Windfall To Hell" saga, he becomes quite deadly. During "The Awry Ascent," Prill makes the acquaintance of an entity that calls itself, "Donial." Whether or not Donial actually exists or is just Prill's alter-ego, when Donial takes over Prill's consciousness, Prill becomes much stronger, faster, and quite the fighter. Prill has no control over when Donial takes over his personality.




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