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Terrium is the planet on which the events of From Windfall To Hell takes place in a series by Justin Bonitz for his musical project Hungry Lights.

Continents Edit

  • R'oa - "The main, central continent that From Windfall To Hell takes place on. It is about the size of the USA."
  • Sartjha - "A smaller continent to the southeast of R'oa. It is about the size of Mongolia. So far, the only thing that happens here is Prill's mom (Otia) was born here. Nothing happens here during From Windfall To Hell."
  • Osrimaul - "It used to the be about the size of Alaska. The drudgework and a species of rat people called the, 'lucralith' were from here, but it was sunk about two hundred years before the story takes place, and now there is just a small chain of islands there called, 'the Fer'tri Islands.'"

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R'oa Edit

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Osrimaul Edit

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  • The being known as Flinter, who could be thousands of years old, founded and mastered an ancient magick in Osrimaul. In addition to being born there, he created the design for the Drudgework while living there. Two hundred years prior to the events of The Awry Ascent, Flinter sunk the continent into The Math. The Lucralith people had abused Osrimaulian magicks which lead to mass suffering, and being disgusted by their actions, Flinter committed mass genocide against them by sinking their land. After he sank Osrimaul, Flinter went to R'oa and built Umber Tower. It was there that he spent his time as an astrological professor, engineer, and alchemist, offering education to aspiring students on the workings of existence and the universe. He also offered the basics of his ancient magicks to help with semi-advanced techniques. Eventually, Flinter locked himself away at the top of Umber Tower to spend his time simply watching time unfold in solitude.

Locations in Osrimaul Edit

  • The Osrimaul Remains- A small chain of Islands where Osrimaul once existed

Sartjha Edit

Backstory Edit

  • Sartjha was once home to a primitive race of cat people called the q'dori. On the opposing side of the continent, humans thrived in the port of Jjkahmba, and by some strange fluke, the q'dori and human genes intertwined, allowing cross-breeding. Through this cross-breeding over hundreds of years, the q'dori species faced near extinction as the human genes proved dominant in reproduction. These humans born with both genes sometimes showed the traits of being thin with white, gray, or calico hair, had peculiar raccoon-like birthmarks around the eyes, and also had active whiskers on their cheeks.
  • Currently, Jjkhamba serves as a small, tropical trade-port, and Q'dori remains closed off as a home to the q'dorian monks in the mountains.

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