"Three Gods & Me"
Song by Hungry Lights
from the album Three Gods & Me
December 31, 2017
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Finally Fearless Blueprint

"Three Gods & Me" is track nine on the Hungry Lights studio album "Three Gods & Me." Remember that this is a summary, not the entire story! It is like 1-10% of what is actually going on—just the skeleton.

Story Edit

In this chapter, Prill fights "Umfrant," The Third God (not an actual god, just a champion). Umfrant is a giant, stone sentinel called a "drudgework" with a lightning hammer. After being punched through the wall of The Pit, Prill is knocked unconscious. He wakes up and immediately has to fight Umfrant. The battle is a one-sided slaughter, but Prill manages to pull through and defeat The Third God in the end. The crowd goes insane as Prill rips the megaphone from the announcer's hand and proclaims himself the true, unstoppable god of The Pit.

Lyrics Edit

O’ I gasped and breached the sky!

-Was being sent to the heavens,

Surely to suffer by the hammer of my final god

But honor kept me anchored here

Arms up, pulled the chain

I plummeted back into his hands

With no net and no failsafe

O’ I invited the fall, for I knew...

You’d witness my strength and behold my glory!

Borderline—on the cusp of sanity

I was wild-eyed—no need for reason

And my slump was turned to an asteroid grazing across it all

-The expense of understanding me

Then I invented his fall

For I knew… 

You’d witness my strength and behold my glory! 

Caught in the triumph,

I saw myself bigger than ever before 

And the chaos and wonder inside my head?

O’ I couldn’t care anymore! 

I flourished, the fever I had was gone

-A plashet of oil and blood

The outside now echoed my victory, 

For I conquered all!

Three gods came to me,

And they sat me down

And they spoke of candor

What did I desire from them all?

But they knew…

To witness my strength and behold my glory!

Now witness my strength!

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