Song by Hungry Lights
from the album The Awry Ascent
October 11, 2015
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In The Eyes Of A Sword Fothcrah

"Wither" is track ten on the Hungry Lights studio album "The Awry Ascent." Remember that this is a summary, not the entire story! It is 1-10% of what is actually going on—just the skeleton.


In this chapter, Prill has finally entered the lair of the beast. A terrible storm is picking up, and he is starting to second-guess himself. He feels like he might have made a grave error because how is he supposed to catch and wrangle a giant sea beast into his tiny sloop? Lightning blasts his ship, and monstrous waves almost capsize it, but he refuses to give up. He believes he has come too far to turn back. 


Imagination was crawling across the water 

Across my head-cove

Afraid of what sight!

It mitigated valor, removed all courage,

Canceled my progress, and left me abashed 

My walls were rising, and I'd not see them 

Until my shadow was three times my size 

O' how would I get back unscathed and unbroken? 


And now, in this moment of paralled focus, 

We'd hold this trade 

Deep in the crux of the ocean, she had awoken 

Behold all her wonder! 

I cast—did my lie

O' would she ever bite to taste the lure? 

A shaky hand in place for the reel and turn 

What my reflection turned into denies all of truth and burns 

My soul trapped by mirrors of fire!

The flames emanate the lie, 

And the way was shut

O' I am festering in misery! 

Inner-strength's begun to wither 

The path I walk's been overgrown with vines and thorns 

-Crushing all that grew, 

And strangling my truth til' I am barely breathing 

I've been doomed!

Then lightning struck my brow 

Raining daggers cut me down 

But I did not let go... 

I never would let go! 

It cracked the sky 

I could not—would not—should not be a hero 

At sudden, breaching from the clouds, 

Another burst of brilliance!

And in the crashing down, 

It split my vessel—overturned 

And holding onto what was left had kept my faith secured 

My god had shown his hand! 

And the knives of rain came down!

And the waves would lurch and swell! 

And any who crossed my way would think me all but sane 

I cast again and watched it glissade through my fingers, 

Like caterpillars 

Tremoring outside the comfort of their chrysalis 

Such metamorphosis took place here tonight

 Trivia Edit

  • An earlier conceptualized name for this song was "Capsized."
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